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  • The MetaMovements Team!

    Meet our Artists!

    - Anara Frank -

    Anara is the director of MetaMovements, and is well-known for developing extraordinary dancers in short periods of time. In the mid-90s, she created the first Salsa Dance Company in Boston, which became the training ground for thousands of students including many popular teachers and performers of today.

    She has taught salsa in Europe, Asia & the Caribbean, and is internationally recognized for her vast repertoire of salsa drills, her innovations in choreography, and a gifted sense of physical movement that fuels her ability to help dancers of every level achieve their goals.

    - Luis Sanchez-Artu -
    Program Coordinator/Consultant
    Executive Administrator


    Luis Sanchez-Artu was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in 1990 and moved to Boston in 1997. Since a young age, he had been highly influenced by the Latin culture always dancing at family and holiday parties, but at 12 years old, his mother inspired him to start taking Salsa classes. Until the age of 19, he studied NY Style Salsa (On2) under Burju Hurtuk (Hacha & Machete; Burju's Shoes), in addition to brief trainings with April Genoveve (Santo Rico; Melaza) and other instructors in the Boston area.

    From 14 to 17, he was a youth member of the non-profit organization Hyde Square Task Force as a community dance teacher and entertainer in the Ritmo en Accion dance troupe (instructed by Hacha y Machete) as well as being in the Youth Board Council and Youth Literacy Tutor branches of the organization. During this time, he was trained in different dances (Hip Hop, Latin, and Lyrical) and was able to perform at Red Sox games at Fenway Park and perform for former first lady Laura Bush at the Coming Up Taller award ceremony in the White House.

    At age 19, Luis returned to his hometown of Ponce for a college education in entrepreneurship. During this time, he found himself not only as a principal violinist of the symphony orchestra in the Institute of Music in Ponce, but as a dancer/instructor in three different dance academies including Academia Danzar in Juana Diaz, Julie Mayoral in Ponce, and Academia Dancing Dancing in Ponce. He received additional training in classical dances such as ballet, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop.

    During his time in Puerto Rico, he also worked with MetaMovements as the lead program coordinator in their Salsa Puerto Rico program. This position ended on July 2013.

    He is now back in Boston as the executive administration for MetaMovements and focuses on using different dance techniques to come up with innovative choreography and establish programs that push dancers to their highest potential.


    - Kaitlin Bresee -
    Program Coordinator/Consultant
    Development Coordinator

    Kaitlin Bresee, originally from Knoxville TN, has been an enthusiastic actress and director from a young age: beginnging with her family productions in the basement to rigorous theatre arts training and practice throughout high school. All the while, her passion for social justice and change has been equally strong. She spent much of her time in high school supporting fundraising efforts for international and national health causes.
    Once she moved to Boston to attend Boston University, she maintained her dual passions -- while she studied international relations, travelling to countries such as Uganda and Switzerland to develop a stronger understanding of health systems abroad, she continued to take classes at the BU college of fine arts. She developed her acting skills through their rigorous elective acting program all the while taking additional classes in directing and ensemble performance. Her free time was spent acting in Boston University Stage Troupe's student theatre productions, improvising with the on campus improv group Liquid Fun, and running events for the BU's spoken word poetry group.
    During her time at Boston University School of Public Health, she finally was able to merge these two passions -- working to integrate media and performing arts into many of her assigned projects. She focused on developing interventions that used media arts interventions, such as websites and PSAs, to promote health. She was excited to begin her practicum placement at MetaMovements Latin Dance Company in 2013, where she was honored to work with Anara Frank - learning her innovative approaches to community arts programming. Since working at the company, she has developed her skill as an arts instructor while working with the MM Staff to develop an innovative curriculum that fuses theatre arts and latin dance, music, & culture. She has also worked to develop her skills in entrepreneurship, fundraising, and grant writing for much of the company's programming.

    - Eli "Lady" Pabón -
    Program Coordinator/Consultant
    Development Coordinator

    A multi-talented dancer, singer, lyricist, percussionist, activist, educator and organizational consultant, Lady believes she finds divinity within herself and others through artistic expression. Born and raised in Boston, MA, Lady has been involved in the community as a student, volunteer and practitioner learning firsthand the importance of music and dance in education and community building. Borne to and surrounded by a family of performers and educators Lady learned to play percussion instruments, sing and dance Bomba, Plena, Hip Hop and Salsa, amongst other traditional, folkloric and modern genres from a young age. Utilizing her multiple artistic talents, she has performed locally and nationally in Boston, throughout New England, New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, New Jersey and California. Internationally, she has performed and participated in programs in Cuba (2003, 2012, 2013); Colombia (2004, 2008) and Holland, Netherlands (2005). With a Bachelors in Communications Studies & Theater Arts from Bridgewater State University, Lady has developed and implemented various programs within the non profit sector involving several public and private partnerships. She was also an integral part of the development of a local non profit (Reflect & Strengthen), co-founding member of an ethno-musicology project (Bomba Sankofa) and Co-Creator of MetaMovement's Roots & Rudiments Project.


    Jay has been surrounded by conga beats and clave rhythms all his life. Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he was inspired by a family of salsa-lovers, musicians, dancers and promoters. He chose to follow the path of dancing, and was mentored, trained and influenced by legendary icons of the Puerto Rican dance & music culture. He soon excelled in Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo and many other genres. He has been dancing, teaching and sharing his unique flavor with dancers from around the world since 1994. He is widely known for his smooth, comfortable lead on the dance floor, combined with the flavour, passion, fun & playfulness of his body movements to the latin beat, as well as his deep connection his dance partners on every dance. His current projects include global initiatives that teach others to understand the latin music, the rhythms and the dance, as a vehicle to greater emotional, social, physical and community health. 


    Meet our Resident Instructors!


    Theresa grew up taking classes in gymnastics, jazz and hip-hop, cementing her love of dance at a young age. After 6 years as a cheerleader and a year on her University's dance team, she took every opportunity to continue learning different styles of dance (including several attempts at Polynesian dance while living on a South Pacific island!)

    While studying Spanish in Guatemala, Theresa was introduced to the world of Salsa... and never looked back! She started training with MetaMovements in 2005 and grew as a salsera through intense training and traveling with the MM performance team. She has been teaching various latin dances in the studio, at salsa clubs and for private events since 2007. She loves introducing people to the fun and inspirational world of latin dance!

    In her other life, Theresa is the Vice-President of Global Operations at a non-profit organization in Boston. She loves that her job allows her to travel worldwide. She has been able to salsa dance in Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Japan and Taiwan. Salsa is truly its own language and transcends all boundaries.

    Nathan Stockwell-Velazquez




    Caroline McBride has been dancing salsa with MetaMovements since 2009, although she has studied many forms of dance before and since then! The styles that have influenced her the most (besides Salsa) include: modern dance, ballet, Lindy Hop, and Scandinavian folk dance. She has even been known to do the Macarena, on occasion.

    A regular instructor and performer of swing, modern, and salsa while at the University of Maine, Caroline is now enjoying the local dance scene here in Boston (and is particularly looking forward to a summer full of Salsa in the Park!) In addition to the MetaMovements instructional team, she is an active member of the Boston Lindy Bomb Squad.



    Teaching since 2010, Piotrek has worked extensively to perfect the art of dance flow, posture, connection & spotting. He believes in finding your own true dance colors, recognizing the beauty of the flow and the sense of your own passion. As an excellent jazz musician and improviser himself, he offers a uniquely new beat, balance and color into dance instruction, and completes a round vision of dance as a body, mind and soul manifestation of art. He loves to work on the symmetry of the dance and helping others to learn their own roles as a dance partner. Today, he knows that everyone can dance if they truly feel it, and challenges students to ask themselves how far they dream to go with it. 



    Vineet has been an instructor with Metamovements for over five years, teaching at all student levels, and in multiple settings including studio, club, community events, and private events. He has performed and taught as part of the MM dance team across the East Coast at several salsa congresses and workshops He is known for being able to engage beginners to have fun, while at the same time being able to focus on and breakdown the details of technique for more advanced dancers.

    Although he only started dancing seriously in his early twenties, Vineet began classical music training at the age of 7. In part due to this chronology, he views musicality as an all important aspect of dancing, and tries to ensure that "feeling the music" is an integral part of his teaching. One student has said that his teaching style is "a perfect balance of art and science."

    Vineet was first introduced to the world of latin dance through a short dabble in ballroom in college. He then immersed himself in Rueda de Casino - the "Cuban Wheel" - which he taught for a few years through BostonRueda while in grad school. It was through dancing Rueda that he met Anara Frank, who inspired him to dig deeper into technique and training, understand the roots of salsa, and thus be versatile dancing all the flavors of salsa that we know today, be it on1, on2, NY-style or Cuban style.



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